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Phase Number Five is a personal
short film by Manu Järvinen

This film is about the four most important phases of the history of the humankind. It also questions what the fifth one could be. The first four phases are based on the book Kaiken Käsikirja (The handbook of Everything) by Esko Valtaoja on the beginning of the chapter 7: History.

This film supports the idea of Resource Based Economy. We as a species might have a use for a new common value, or as seen in the film, the great seed. The value that could come from the situation that all the resources of Earth were declared as the common heritage of all Earth's inhabitants.

The film envisions a future where problems are solved not with money but with the actual available resources we have on this planet. And with the help of automation and technology.

Perhaps not a very feasible idea for the near-future - but as the centuries pass, humankind's collective values might or might not start to shift a bit towards something like this. However, the transition from a capitalistic or trade-based way of living to this idea sure would require some kind of rise in voluntarism culture and perhaps some unprecedented crowdfunding efforts. Or maybe just some clever business practices.

This and this kind of charts from Ray Kurzweil provide some inspirational visions of the exponential progress and abilities of life and technology in the coming years. If only the human values and behavior progressed the same pace.

The film is created in the free and open-source software Blender and rendered in the free Sheep It renderfarm service.

- Manu Järvinen

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